We got your back (and Fido's).

We understand how busy life can get, and sometimes we simply can't spend enough time our dogs during the day. Let us help save you time and give your pet enough time to enjoy outdoors. Prime Housekeeping collaborated with U&Pet, one of the biggest and the best pet service provider in DMV. U&Pet offers the best dog walking service money can buy and you can rest assured that your pet is getting the proper care and attention that they truly deserve.

Click here to learn more about U&Pet.


We Speak Dog!

Dog lovers first, pet professional second! Our highly trained dog lovers are not like any other dog walkers. They are trained to identify your dog's body language that allows them to respond to your dog's specific needs and create a much deeper level of communication.


First one is on us!

If you wanna try us out, we got you covered on that first walk, no strings attached! However, we strongly recommend that we set up a meeting prior to your first walk. If you haven't already, please fill out a meet and greet form by clicking here.


Premium Dog Walking.

When we say premium, we are talking about the quality of our service. We offer very competitive pricing and provide one of the best dog walking services in the market today! 


Morning Walk:

  • $15 per walk

Midday Walk:

  • $15 per walk

Multi-Walk Package:

  • 10 day package   - $145
  • 1 month package - $280

Late Night Weekend Walk: (Fri. - Sun. 10 pm - 2 am)**

  • $50 / walk

Cancellations must be made before 8 am on the day of to prevent being charged the full amount.*

Late night walks will only be available for already registered clients, if you haven't used our dog walking service before, please contact us 24 hours prior to the day of. Bookings can be made as late as 2 hours before walk and cancellations should be made an hour before the requested time of service to prevent late cancellation fees.**